CENTRE COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) —A Bethlehem man has been charged for taking inappropriate videos of a man and woman without their permission.

Police charged Austin Patric Gutekunst, 21, with multiple instances of invasion of privacy.

On Dec. 22, police said they were notified that a male and female had been secretly filmed through a hidden hole in their apartment walls, located on the 200 block of West Irvin Avenue in State College, according to police documents.

After investigating the apartment, police found multiple drill holes in a wall that was hidden under a poster. Police contacted the victims and let them know they could fill them in.

The female victim told police that Gutekunst was roommates with the male victim and had found out about the videos after Gutekunst’s ex-girlfriend had seen them on Guntekunst’s phone.

The male victim said Gutekunst had met with him and had admitted to him that he recorded the videos and that he would delete them, according to police reports.

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Gutekunst was released on a ROR bail and had his preliminary arraignment on April 21 and is scheduled to have his preliminary hearing on May 11.