Centre Co. student and teacher reaction to school on observance of Veterans Day

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Centre County, Pa- School districts in Centre County feel that students learn more and can better appreciate Veterans Day when in school.

Bald Eagle Area School District holds school-wide events near the holiday.

State College Area School District (SCASD) gives each individual school a choice in hosting different Veterans Day programs.

But what do students think of having school on Veterans Day?

WTAJ spoke with students from State College High to gather some reaction.

“I think we should have school today, just because I know that when kids are off, they often won’t celebrate the holiday that they’re off for….so when you’re at school you learn about the holiday everyone’s celebrating,” said Sophomore Evie Baxter.

Senior Adam Schram said, “I think it’s important that we have school today, and I think it’s important that we take time to discuss the importance of this as a school… I think by having a day off from school, we entirely omit it from our mind and instead we just see it as a day to sleep in…. and I don’t think that’s what this was intended to be.”

Comments like this may originate from classes with teachers like Gary Masquelier who values the important life lessons to be taught on Veterans Day.

Masquelier was part of a group that on Monday discussed and shared poems that describe the horrors of trench warfare and what many veterans endure.

A message that to him hits close to home.

“My brother had a purple heart and was wounded in desert storm… two Uncles who had a lifetime career in the military and served around the world, and during Vietnam,” said Masquelier a SCASD English Teacher.

The districts WTAJ spoke with said they have not received any negative feedback about having school on Veteran’s Day…. and said if they did hear pushback from the community, they would be receptive to potential changes.

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