Centre Co. Sheetz denied liquor license

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The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is denying a Centre County Sheetz the transfer of a liquor license because it’s too close to Bald Eagle Schools.

Sheetz has appealed this decision by the PA Liquor Control Board and after hearing from the Liquor Board on this appeal, it’s up in the air as to what they’ll decide.

The Liquor Control said that it’s at their discretion to not approve a liquor license transfer if the proposed premise is within 300 feet of what they call restrictive institutions such as schools.

Sheetz in response to the original decision appealed, claiming they’ve been able to sell liquor at other stores that are close to schools and churches. They also said they have rigorous training policies for Sheetz employees to ensure no one is sold alcohol underage.

“The fact that it’s present creates a problem, it’s nothing against…we have great kids, wonderful parents, but the opportunity something like that arises, there may be a moment where someone does something that’s probably not appropriate,” said Jeff Miles, Superintendent, Bald Eagle Area School District.

Miles airs on the side of caution, given his take on how many high school students are regularly at that Sheetz.

To him the main issue is proximity.

“The ability of a student to walk down the street less than 100 yards and be at a store where there is alcohol available, that’s a concern…. it’s less likely that student’s gonna walk 5 miles to do the same thing”

There’s no word yet on exactly when the appeal will take place.

But the liquor control board did say they would give a thorough rational behind whatever they decided.

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