Centre Co. nonprofit will add new “makerspace”… which aims to help young entrepreneurs

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State College, Pa- A new space will soon be available for those looking to use equipment ranging from 3-D printers, to woodworking tools. The space, called “The Rivet”, is for anyone looking to start a hobby or maybe a career.

“The Rivet” is housed in part of The Discovery Space off North Atherton Street. The Discovery Space currently offers STEM programs for children ages 14 and under, but “The Rivet’s” portion of the building will be for an older crowd… ages 15 and up.

Organizers are branding the new area as a “makerspace”, a newer concept spreading across the nation.

“Makerspaces are an intermediate step… for instance if you’re a teenager and you’re moving from high school to college, you might be concerned about investing into a four-year program at a VO tech school. But, this is a way for you to dip your toes into welding, metal working, textile tailoring… these are trades that really are extremely valuable in business,” said Camill Sogin, Assistant Director for “The Rivet”.

Think of a makerspace as a YMCA of sorts:

You pay money to come to a community space… only instead of using gym equipment, you’ll find a set of specialized tools for many different jobs.

“It’ll be a wide array of resources that don’t yet exist in this community,” said Michele Crowl, Executive Director of The Discovery Space.

Another goal for “The Rivet” is to draw in a large crowd to create a place for networking.

“We named it ‘The Rivet’ for that reason. Yes, there will be programs that connect materials and possibly use rivets, but more importantly it will connect community members to one another, ” Crowl said.

This includes young entrepreneurs who may be able to use expensive equipment for less, while they save up to buy their own tools.

“It’s extremely hard to start your own business. You need a lot of investment. If you’re starting a business that requires a big piece of machinery… it’s just not that feasible. But, if you are part of our makerspace, you can actually use the equipment. You can start your business here, and you have more potential to succeed.”

Construction on “The Rivet” is set to begin by mid-May, 2019.

More on plans for construction, specific machinery offered by “The Rivet” (along with projected monthly costs) will be posted in another story.

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