Central Pa Humane Society struggling after COVID-19 impact

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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — As many businesses in the state have shut down and sent employees home, some organizations are still working behind closed doors, including animal shelters.

Due to growing concerns and changes because of the Coronavirus, fundraisers for the Central PA Humane Society have been cancelled. So far, they’ve lost over $150,000.That’s money that keeps the lights on and water running for the animals. Without it, they’re worried about getting by.

As of Wednesday, folks from the CPHS are caring for 125 animals.

It costs nearly $1M for the humane society to stay up and running every year, money they’ve been struggling to get because of the COVID-19 impact.

A big portion of the money goes to medications for the animals.

“Insulin is like $200 a bottle, so every animal gets whatever they need while they are here until they find their forever home,” Becky Felton, Director of Outreach and Development at CPHS, said.

The shelter is down to a skeleton crew of just six employees.

“Everyone here and put their fears aside to take care of these little ones,” Felton said.

While the shelter isn’t allowing adoptions at this point, they have opened up fostering options to help lower the number of animals they need to take care of.

“If this virus goes through our kennel, and one person gets it, all of the workers are gonna get it, and then who’s gonna take care of the animals?” Felton said.

As they struggle to watch over dozens of animals, they hope their community will help.

“Prayers. Prayers is a big thing for all of us. We’re all in this together, so prayers for our animals, prayers for everyone around to stay healthy and safe,” Felton said.

Donations like kitty litter, dog and cat food can be left at the front gate or door, since the shelter is closed to the public. Folks can also give monetary donations through the humane society’s website, Facebook, or by mailing a check.

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