BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)– The Central PA Humane Society received a $50,000 donation from the PETCO Love Foundation to help with operation costs.

Shelter board members and the Altoona PETCO staff on Falon Lane gathered Tuesday afternoon to be presented with the check.

Petco Love Foundation is a non-profit that aims to make a positive impact on animal shelters and adoption. This year, the foundation invested nearly $15 million in different animal organizations nationwide.

Outreach Director for the shelter, Becky Felton, said that the shelter’s annual operation costs are close to million dollars, including medical expenses, gas, and everyday items. They primarily keep the shelter running through donations from the community.

Felton noted the pandemic did cause a slight dip in the number of donations that they usually receive. However, the shelter is grateful for the donation, knowing it’ll provide a much-needed cushion.

The shelter staff said that the $50,000 would primarily go towards the medical costs for the animals. Felton said that medical costs are near $400,000 annually. Acting Shelter Manager Dylan Kotrick said it’s a fantastic opportunity to receive this type of donation.

“It’s unbelievable,” Kotrick said. “It’s just the amount is going to help with everything, when it comes down to vaccines, getting the foods, the medicines, everything else we need to take care of the animals coming in.”

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Kotrick noted that the shelter had seen a slight increase in animals in the past month. According to Kotrick, the shelter has taken in around 20 more dogs and has nearly 100 kittens in foster. Felton said that folks can still donate to the shelter, and people are needed to help foster kittens.

“It takes a team, and we feel our community is the best community, and Petco love together,” Felton said. “We save about 200,000 a year, and for our little shelter in Altoona, Pa., We’re pretty proud of that.”