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State College, Pa- The Centre County Chamber of Business and Industry’s (CBICC) launched a program Monday to increase interest in community engagement.

Among it’s goals, the program is looking to get new voices to express interest in local authorities, boards, and commissions (ABC’s)… to give a fresh perspective to local decisions.

“It’s nice to have young ideas come to the forefront with decision-making. And a lot of times with our ABC’s there are great leaders that volunteer their time…. but it seems like it’s kind of the same people,” said Kevin Kassab, Manager of the Community Engagement Office for State College Borough. 

But the CBICC is looking to peak the interest of potentially new ABC volunteers by holding a new program every month with a different focus.

The topics range from construction planning, to water conservation… and everything in between (see the entire program schedule at the end of this story).

And while many programs feature an ABC from a specific municipality, there may an identical ABC where you live too.

“If you hear of one program that you’re interested in, there’s a good chance that it also exists in the township that you reside in…. so in that way, they’re still many ways to get involved,” said Irene miller, Vice President of Membership Engagement for the CBICC.

If an ABC that interests you isn’t in your municipality…. you can still attend ABC events.

“Even if they’re not able to be part of the ABC…. they’re all open to the public whenever we hold our meetings…. they could come, they could make comments, and actually leave with some great ideas,” Kassab said.

The new program kicks-off January, 29.

All programs are free to the public and will be hosted at the CBICC’s office in downtown State College at 5:15pm.

Below is the ABC Essentials program schedule:

Tuesday, Jan. 29ABC Essentials kick-off
Wednesday, Feb. 20 – “The Future’s Blueprint,” featuring Ferguson Township Planning Commission
Tuesday, March 19 – “Developing Opportunities,” featuring College Township Industrial Development Authority
Wednesday, April 17 – “Embracing All Perspectives,” featuring State College Borough LGBTQ Advisory Committee
Wednesday, May 1 – “All Aboard!” featuring CATA
Wednesday, June 26 – “Grab Your Sunscreen,” featuring Centre Region Parks & Recreation
Tuesday, July 9 – “A Water Droplet’s Life,” featuring University Area Joint Authority and the State College Borough Water Authority
Wednesday, Aug. 21 – “Got A Plane to Catch,” featuring University Park Airport Authority
Tuesday, Sept. 10 – “Leisure Time,” featuring Harris Township Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee and Library Board
Tuesday, Oct. 15 – “Room to Run Wild,” featuring Patton Township Open Space Stewardship Committee and Open Space Preservation Task Force
Tuesday, Nov. 12 – ABC Essentials program conclusion

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