Cats continuing to create problems in Huntingdon County

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MOUNT UNION, HUNTINGDON, Pa. (WTAJ) — Officials in Huntingdon County continue to rescue cats from a house in Mount Union.

They said they’re concerned that more cases like this are in communities throughout the county.

The ordinance for Mount Union states no one can have more than four cats in their home. In September, the owner of a house in the borough was removed and officials found more than ten times the allowed number.

When officers in Mount Union began their investigation at the residence, they estimated between 25 and 30 cats were living there.

“When we first made entry into the house, the conditions were literally unimaginable. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen,” Officer Derek Bledsoe of the Mount Union Police Department said.

Now four weeks into their rescue efforts, Mount Union Code Enforcement Officer Alec Brindle said that number has since doubled, totaling 55 cats.

“We were pulling cats out of the walls and cats were coming out of the furniture…the kitchen cabinets, the whole kit and caboodle,” he said.

Brindle said neighbors complained about the odors coming from the house, especially during the summer months, but no one could gain access to the house until a third party got involved with the investigation and served a warrant.

“You can’t just barge into someone’s house and say I’m here to look and see if you have cats, or dogs or horses or pigs, whatever you may have…everyone has rights and it’s important to uphold everyone’s rights,” he said.

This isn’t the only house in the county. Officers said there is also one in the Huntingdon Borough. With both situations the county’s Humane Society has taken in over 100 cats in just a few months. The officers said they wanted to help them in some way and thought of holding a fundraiser.

“We’ve told them numerous times, thank you, but I feel like we have to go above and beyond a little bit to really show them that they really helped us out because without them this wouldn’t have happened,” Bledsoe said.

The fundraiser will be Friday, October 18, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Appleby’s Drug Store in Mount Union. A full list of items is available on Facebook, and monetary donations will also be accepted.

If you know of a situation like this, call your local authorities or municipality to report.

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