ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Police in Altoona say a man was on meth when he stole a Cadillac, returned it and then fought with the car’s owner before trying to out-pedal police on his bicycle. 

Tylor Settle 29, of Altoona, was arrested Monday after the caper that started at about 12:30 p.m. outside a business on the 1900 block of Union Avenue. 

Settle allegedly rode up on a BMX bicycle, got into a black 2016 Cadillac Sedan that was idling outside the business and drove off, with the owner giving chase. Police noted Settle drove down Margaret Avenue but got behind another vehicle and was driving at a slow enough speed that the owner was able to run alongside the passenger side of the car.  

The car’s owner tried to open the passenger door, but because the car was being driven it was locked. The owner then ran back to the business and called 911. 

He later told cops that Settle then returned and parked the car in the lot from where he took it and when the car’s owner confronted him, Settle claimed he was told to take it, according to police. 

When the car’s owner grabbed Settle by his jacket, Settle allegedly fought with the man and eventually overpowered him and got him on the ground. The car’s owner did get Settle off of him and Settle lost his coat in the struggle. Police said it was still on the ground behind the Cadillac when officers arrived. 

Responding police encountered Settle riding his bicycle on Beale Avenue and then Broad Avenue, but he refused to stop. Settle pedaled toward 24th Street, cut through a parking lot and headed toward 25th Street where he ditched the bicycle and tried to escape along the railroad tracks, police. 

When officers caught Settle, he kicked one of them in the left shin. Police said Settle had a large bruise on his forehead and other abrasions on his face that appeared fresh. 

A search of Settle turned up suspected methamphetamine and police said because of his injuries and the fact he appeared to be under the influence of the drug, an AMED ambulance was called. 

Settle is charged with felony aggravated assault, escape, theft and receiving stolen property as well as misdemeanor counts that include resisting arrest and simple assault. 

He remains in Blair County Prison in lieu of $20,000 cash bail and a preliminary hearing is slated for Feb. 10.