Cambria County hopes to improve cell phone coverage

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Driving through the mountains in central Pennsylvania, phone calls seem to drop consistently in certain spots. Now, communities in Cambria County want to fix that problem.

Westmont Hilltop School District officials met with a cell phone tower company, Vogue Towers, to discuss building a tower on school property.

In Carrolltown, AT&T is currently working to fix cell phone towers to improve coverage.

There’s also a county-wide effort to improve broadband and cell phone service. Monday evening, members of the Cambria County Planning Commission delivered a proposal for the county’s comprehensive plan. The state requires these plans be updated every ten years. Cambria County’s current plan is six years old.

The Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission wants to create a task force to assess which regions need better broadband and cell phone coverage.

Proponents say improving broadband and cell phone coverage would ensure safety, increase convenience and property values.

“It affects property values. There was a time in 1955, 1960 where people thought it hindered property values. Now, being connected is one of the things that drives property values. If you’re not connected, it’s going to hurt your property value,” said Jim Penna, the director of external affairs for AT&T.

Westmont Hilltop school officials are currently waiting for the proposal from Vogue Towers. They expect to hear back from the company by August.

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