Butcher shops seeing significant increase in business during COVID-19

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DUNCANSVILLE, PA. (WTAJ) – It’s unusual times at Holland Brothers Quality Meats and Catering in Duncansville.

“I wouldn’t even compare this to our busiest holiday as how much meat we are selling,” Co-Owner Brock Holland said

Holland says on a daily basis during the COVID-19 pandemic, his butcher shop is averaging close to eight times more sales.

“Normally people buy say 10 pork chops, now they’re buying 10 pounds of pork chops,” Holland said.

And the surge keeps coming.

“We thought at first, go through a week and it’ll be over, but we’re going on nine weeks now,” Holland said.

So, why the change in business?

“We’re typically buying off these big companies with steaks and what not, but they’ve really let us down. They can’t get anything, so we’ve turned to our local farmers in a big way, way more than we usually do and they’ve come through in a tremendous way,” Holland said.

So while you at home may be looking to stock up on meat in this unusual time, Holland says that’s not necessary.

“We’ve got plenty, we’ve got plenty,” Holland laughed.

“As long as we can keep up with the demand. If people buy normally, we’re okay, but when people are coming in here and buying 40-50 pounds of burger, then we may have an issue.”

But until Holland and other butcher shops get to that point.

“We just keep ordering more and more and people keep on coming,” Holland said.

Holland says the increase in business should help offset the business they will likely lose with the catering part of their business, with many events this spring and summer already postponed or canceled.

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