Boxing class teaches kids self-defense against bullying

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For 9-old Xavier Stockman, this isn’t just a boxing class. It’s life skills.

Xavier Stockman, a 9 year-old from Johnsonburg, came to BC Boxing to get help with his conditioning for wrestling. But he quickly fell in love with boxing.

“My favorite boxer is Rocky,” Stockman, said.

Xavier’s trainer, Chris Cella says when he was a kid, bullying was pushing kids on a playground.
Today he says it’s cyberbullying through social media, causing emotional distress for children.

“Boxing’s a great alternative, not only for stress, and a great physical outlet, but it teaches, discipline, it instills self-esteem, confidence, and I’ve seen kids come in the ring and just learn a lot about themselves, they feel empowered,” Cella, said.

He says he doesn’t teach kids to beat up a bully, but in the worst case scenario if they have no choice, they’ll be able to defend themselves and others.

“It makes me more confident to standup for kids that can’t stand up for themselves,” Stockman, said.

Xavier’s father Fred, advises parents to communicate with your children, so that you can find out if they are being bullied or bullying others.

“Make sure that all parents talk to their children and know what they’re children are doing everyday, how they feel and what’s happening at school. Make sure you’re apart of their life,” Stockman, said.

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