Breast cancer survivor continues to fight for a cure

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Sabrina Schutt is getting stronger and stronger each day.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2014 and defeated it after a year of chemo and therapy.

“Finally finished all my treatments in December of 2015. Numerous surgeries, too many to count, but I’m healthy, I’m strong, I’m cancer free.”

Even though she battled breast cancer and won, she still didn’t feel like herself.

“I had been done with treatment about a year and I felt that I wasn’t me and I just needed something to help me get back to where I felt strong and that I felt capable.”

That’s when she met Nicole Estep, her personal trainer and friend.

“She inspires me everyday just to keep going I can’t even imagine the things she’s been through battling cancer,” said Estep.  

They’re teaming up for a special fundraiser. A day full of free classes to raise money for the Blair County Strides Against Cancer walk. 

“You can sign up for as many classes as you want, you can come stay, we’re going to have food, Joos from Hollidaysburg is going to be here so they’re going to have some juice and refreshing juice,” Estep explained. 

Sabrina has a $5,000 goal for this Saturday’s fundraiser.

More than that she wants to inspire others.

“I want people to come and see you are more than cancer, more than breast cancer. It takes a long time for someone who goes through it to feel human, to feel for women at least me in particular it took me a long time to feel feminine,” Schutt said. “It definitely takes a long time to feel strong and I want people to know you can get there.” 

Click here to check out the list of classes being offered at Point Of Fitness for the fundraiser. 

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