TYRONE, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Mayor of Tyrone posted a boil notice due to a waterline break on Wednesday afternoon n his Facebook.

Borough Manager Ardean Latchford said the break, on W. 10th Street between Washington and Burley avenues, started Monday night and is among the top five largest water main breaks in the borough due to it occurring where two pipes come together. 

Latchford said the repair of the break was made more difficult by its location, the fact it’s where two water main pipes connect and the high pressure, but it was on track to be completed by Wednesday night. 

The break was about 40’ from where work on the borough’s waterline improvement project was already underway. Latchford said the work didn’t cause it, but it underscored the importance of the improvement project since the valve that broke is the same as the ones being replaced. 

Downtown residents may be experiencing discolored water and low pressure and Latchford said residents should avoid washing white laundry for three to five days to avoid staining. 

The boil water notice remains in effect until further notice. 

Anyone in the downtown area of Tyrone that has experience low water pressure, or no water pressure, is asked to boil water before use. The notice is in effect immediately and continues until further notice.