HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — An Everett man is facing a slew of charges after police say he stole and crashed multiple vehicles and claimed he was an FBI agent after being caught.

Chase Mendoza, 20, was arrested Monday, May 30, after they were called to a home on Hanes Valley Road in Clay Township for the report of a man who said he ran out of gas and claimed to a homeowner he was working for the FBI. They later found Mendoza trying to run from the scene where he crashed a stolen SUV into someone’s home, later admitting he also crashed a red pickup truck before that.

Chance Mendoza, 20 (Huntingdon County Prison)

Mendoza was reportedly driving a Hyundai Elantra and pulled into a man’s driveway. He claimed to the homeowner that he ran out of gas and he worked for the FBI. He then left the residence on foot. At that time, the homeowner said he called his family living nearby to warn them about the suspicious interaction and Mendoza. He later came back and the homeowner allowed him to try and call a family member to no avail. Mendoza walked off for a second time.

The homeowner’s daughter told police she saw Mendoza through her window and he came to her porch. He quickly left once her dogs started barking. A short time late, she said he came back and started to mess with the Harley-Davidson in her driveway, causing it to tip over against the porch before leaving again. She later found Mendoza’s cellphone laying in the driveway.

Another witness told police that they heard a loud bang and found that Mendoza was driving away in their red pickup truck, a truck he would later crash. He allegedly drove down the road and then came back past the home, waving at the witness as he kept driving away.

Later in the day, Mendoza tried to flee after crashing a stolen SUV into a home when police caught him. The resident said he heard the crash and rushed outside. He claimed that Mendoza was standing there and trying to water the flowers on the porch with a bottle of Mt. Dew before throwing the drink in the person’s face and trying to run.

Police noted that the Mt. Dew was stolen after speaking with Emigh’s Service Station in Three Springs. Mendoza allegedly stole the black SUV then stopped and ran out of Emigh’s with a 20-ounce bottle of Mt. Dew.

When finally caught and taken back to the SUV crash scene, he allegedly told police he was an FBI agent and that he was in the area to interview people about a murder case he was working on. He claimed he had other FBI agents in the area and asked troopers to address him as “Agent Morgan.”

Mendoza was found with a small amount of marijuana on him. He reportedly told police that he had smoked that morning. Police noted that when Medoza outlined the events in question, he was unsure about a lot of things, such as how he even got the red pickup he said he crashed into a ditch.

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Mendoza was charged with felony theft and receiving stolen property as well as unlawful use and impersonating a public servant. He was placed in Huntingdon County Jail on $200,000 cash bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 8.