Board member made to pay $20,000 after Ethics Committee investigated him

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JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Cambria County Arena Authority Board of Directors member is directed to make payments back to the board after the PA Ethics Committee investigated him.

Dean Gindlesperger was told to pay $20,000 after it was discovered that he, and family members, owned companies that the Authority made contracts and payments with.

The Authority says they paid $500 a month to lease a warehouse with “SMG” only to find out that Gindlesperger was a part owner of the company.

They also contracted Amphype Signs LLC for the new scoreboard in the 1ST SUMMIT ARENA, later discovering that Gindlesperger’s son is a part owner of Amphype Signs.

Gindlesperger agreed to pay $2,000 to represent a portion of the cost to the commission for the investigation into the matter.

He also agreed to pay back $18,000. That’s said to be $1,000 a month for, 18 months, to the Arena Authority.

As to the warehouse lease, first, the emergency situation involving salvage of the glycol for the Arena’s ice surface that was the initial reason for the lease, saved the taxpayers between $80,000 and $90,000. Second, the Findings acknowledge that the $600 per month charge for the warehouse space was significantly less than the other quote obtained by the Arena’s General Manager, again saving the taxpayers money. In fact, today, the arena pays $1000 per month for half the space I provided; per square foot, that’s nearly four times the rate I charged.

Dean Gindlesperger, News release

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