Blue Knob struggling to keep snow on trails after days of high temperatures

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CLAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY, Pa.(WTAJ) — Fog overwhelmed Blue Knob Resort on Tuesday, yet another day the resort had to close because they can’t make any snow.

Marketing Director Donna Himes says the “tropical weather pattern” over the past few weeks has been eating up their snow.

“We’ve been open way more than we’ve been closed, but when you can’t replenish the snow pack, that’s where your problems come in, and we’re just waiting for some colder weather,” she said.

Himes said it needs to be 28-degrees or lower to turn on the snow machines. Without new snow, all of the trails begin to melt.

“You just can’t maintain what you have, and then you have to start all over again,” she said.

And rough patches can be a safety concern for visitors.

“You don’t wanna put people out on the slopes when there’s limitations like that. Not only that, but it’s hard on their equipment, as well, so we will not put people through that when it’s not safe.

Although Blue Knob has been closed days at a time, folks at the resort are not concerned about any major loss of revenue, adding this is just the start of their season.

“We can’t really judge the whole season on what’s happening now. We don’t have any control over that, and we don’t have any control on what’s to come, but typically the colder part of the winter is January and February,” Himes said.

As for any disappointed season pass holders, it comes with the territory of a seasonal sport.

“People that ski and snowboard know that it’s weather dependent,” Himes said.

Himes is hopeful that come Thursday, they will be able to turn the snow blower back on and reopen for the weekend.

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