Blessing of emergency response vehicles in commemoration of 9/11

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The American flag raised in DuBois Monday night, as emergency responders lined up to receive a special blessing. 

One by one, each truck from all 5 DuBois fire companies and sandy township anointed by Reverend Lance Tucker from First United Methodist church. 

The ceremony as a way to commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th. 

“We remember that this country was built on god. We need to make sure that we remember those who have given their time and given their life in service so we can live in the freedom of who we are today,” explains Tucker,

 Putting everything on the line is a choice first responders say they make everyday. “Most people are running out when we’re running in.  I have a two year old. When the whistle cracks, you got to leave him sitting there. It’s hard to leave your family to help save someone else that you don’t even know,” says Bob Swope, second lieutenant of DuBois Fourth Ward Fire Company.

The community lining the streets to watch. While children, who will only learn of the terror attacks as a history lesson, were able to give a helping hand. 

“They have only lived in a  world that has been at war so it’s important for them to realize why we live in the world that we live in due to the fact of what occurred 16 years ago,” says Jonathon Bell, chaplain of Pennsylvania Air National Guard.

 A simple gesture with a much stronger meaning for these responders, explains Swope. “It’s always great to have god on your shoulders when you’re inside there. There’s times where you don’t even know where you’re at and some how you make it out of there.” 

As they take the time to reflect and remember those who gave their life. While promising to put theirs on the line for their community.

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