Blair County cleans up after the big snow storm

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Is the snow done or are we getting more on Saturday and Sunday?

After just one storm, it seemed like everyone was sick of the snow and the work that came with it.

“Well, [the plows] came through about an hour ago, he caught the right side of the street, and we’d thought he’d come back through the other way, but I guess he had other things to do,” Josh Schultz, an Altoona resident,  said.

He had been shoveling for hours, clearing sidewalks and digging out cars from multiple house.

“This is my gram’s house right behind us here, but, uh, she’s not able to go out and do it, so we figured we come over here and do it,” Schultz said.

Some of the main streets in downtown Altoona had snow inching into the road, while others were still covered in ice.

“When it first hit, it wasn’t too bad. The snow really wasn’t laying that badly, but once it really start piling on, you could tell that it was tough to drive,” Schultz said.

With no school today, some kids are out playing in the snow, while others had another idea. 11-year-old Altoona resident Robert Arthur took advantage of the snowy sidewalks.

“Because we didn’t have school today, I wanted to shovel for money,” Arthur said.

A lot of plows were out on Friday, trying to clear some of the side streets and parking lots. People do need to take their time on the roads because conditions are still slick.

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