BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)- Blair County’s Children, Youth, and Family Services continue to find new ways of advertising to attract new hires.

The department currently sits at a 37% staffing level, which is not ideal for their amount of cases. The department primarily helps those who experience child abuse, neglect, or any risk of abuse.

The county is looking into partnering with two other temporary agencies on top of their current agency Manpower. This idea would allow for temp workers to do specific tasks. Then they’ll eventually be moved towards a permanent position if they like what they’re doing.

Commissioner Laura Burke also said they’re looking into advertising with local radio stations. That is set to cost the county around $10,000 for the advertisements throughout the summer.

“We want to educate the public about those opportunities and how to apply,” Burke said. “Then, using the staffing agencies. What we’re hoping to do is bring people in temporarily. Hopefully, they enjoy their experience like what they’re doing and are a good fit for those permanent positions.”

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Additionally, Commissioner Burke made a presentation that would look into appropriate funding for the department. She would want state legislators to look into funding for programs the smaller counties cannot accommodate.