Will Biden’s executive order affect 2nd amendment rights?

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(WTAJ) —President Biden announced a slew of executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence.

This comes after recent mass shootings in Atlanta, Colorado and South Carolina. The President wants to stop the traffic of ghost guns, or guns that are homemade without serial numbers, or firearms with their serial numbers shaved off of them.

These are guns that are typically used by criminals. On Thursday President Biden announced six executive actions with the hopes of preventing gun violence across the board.

John Mowery, an owner at Double Tap Indoor Gun Range and Training Center in Altoona was a Pennsylvania State Trooper for 26 years and retired as a Sergeant last January. He said with his background in law enforcement and his new career in the sale of firearms, he’s seen it all.

“Criminals will take a firearm, they will shave the serial numbers and try and scratch it off so that you cannot track it,” Mowery said. “We also have a lot of straw purchases, where you have someone come in and buy a gun and then turn around and give it to their boyfriend or their neighbor, whoever and then they will report it stolen.”

But Mowery said any legislation or executive action by the government as it pertains to firearms is a threat against the 2nd amendment and it could open doors for further threats.

With Biden’s executive action, the Department of Justice would have 30 days to issue a timeline of exactly how to stop the growing number of ghost guns there are on the streets. But there’s a problem: in many cases, they are untraceable.

“Obviously we don’t want criminals to have firearms,” Mowery said. “The problem is criminals find loopholes. Criminals find ways around it. They are not coming in here and doing things by the books so it doesn’t matter what he does as far as an executive order. That’s not gonna stop the criminals; they’re not doing things the right way.”

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