Beta Theta Pi preliminary hearing focuses in on brothers’ role in basement

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A large part of the day was spent debating whether or not brothers and their actions could actually be identified in the video. 

Prosecutors made video compilations that focused on each individual and followed their actions in the basement. 

Almost all of the defense attorneys raised questions as to whether or not the detective could accurately say who it was at times in the video. They argued certain angles of the video and the dance club lighting made it hard to see. 

The detective testified that he’s spent more than 100 hours looking at these tapes and there are several ways to identify the brothers because of their clothes and hair. 

The piazza family attorney said the video speaks for itself. 

“But we see at the end of the day individuals who are identifiable, by the detective who’s testifying, who says that this individual was holding alcohol up to the mouths of someone else and that tells you to drink it — and it especially tells you to drink it if you’re a pledge trying to get in this organization,” the Piazza family attorney Tom Kline said.

Only one brother is accused of deleting the basement surveillance video, prosecutors presented their evidence against him for the first time. 

The Braxton Becker was the only one with a key to the video, aside from the house advisor and former Penn State athletic trainer Tim Bream. 

During the investigation, police determined the video was deleted and it had to be recovered by the FBI. 

“The headline here in my personal view is: alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, drink, drink, drink, get drunk, lose your wits, lose your ability to actually control your own destiny and then have nobody at the end of the day to help you,” Kline said.

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