HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Devon Corn’s bright personality, greetings, and high-fives have touched hundreds in the Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. He’s a familiar, smiling face for shoppers at the GIANT Food Store, where he’s been working for the past two years.

“I have a great time,” said Devon. “I’m a good man”

He’s become beloved in the community for making the shopping experience personal.

“I like people,” said Devon. “You say, ‘Hey, how are you today?’”

Devon lives with special needs. His mother, Wendy Corn, said working with GIANT has given him a place to shine.

“I feel that it’s given him the opportunity to grow and have self-worth about himself and show other people in this community that people with disabilities can do amazing things,” said Wendy.

“It’s very great, for them and for us, because it gives us an opportunity to learn more, and it gives them the opportunity to just be a part of the community,” said Abbi Walters, checkout coach at GIANT Food Stores in Huntingdon.

He’s a busy man.

“I did the basket, I did the trash, and the recycle bin and the lists,” said Devon. “I put the carts away.”

When Devon works with the shopping carts, it’s always safety first.

“Look for the cars,” said Devon. “We have to wait!”

Even with a full schedule, he always has time to say hello to shoppers.

“I’m very proud of him. I know he’s come a long way and had a long journey and this was one of his number one goals where he wanted to work,” said Wendy. “When he was employed here, he was through the roof.”

“At least once every day, while he’s here, a customer will come let me know that he’s nothing but all smiles and so friendly and kind,” said Walters.

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“I hope that, you know, more companies in Huntingdon County will give people with disabilities a chance because they might surprise you,” said Wendy.

The future is bright for Devon.

“I’m gonna be workers,” said Devon. “I’m gonna be all kinds of stuff.”