CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — In April of 2021, the Bellefonte Area School Board voted to retire the word “Red” from their name “Red Raiders” out of respect for Native Americans. Now, the district is considering new logos and the cost that comes with it.

A rebranding committee is currently evaluating three new logos, looking at Bellefonte’s history for further inspiration, and asking students for feedback, according to a school board member.

After a logo is chosen, the district will replace the Native American imagery. The largest price tag will be the main gym and the auxiliary gym.

“The flooring of the main gym has an Indian head logo in the middle of the gym floor,” said Ken Bean, director of fiscal affairs for the Bellefonte Area School District.

Quotes estimate this costing between $53,000-$78,000.

“To do the gym floor, we have to shut down the gym for a good 3 weeks, maybe 4. We can’t do that during the school year as that gym’s obviously used for sports and gym class, so that’s not feasible,” said Bean. “So no matter what we do, it’ll have to wait till this upcoming summer.” 

If the board decides to paint the gym, Bean said it’s an additional $40,000. Replacing the wrestling mat will cost about $18,000.

Plus, updating the logos on the gym scoreboard and the marquee outside the high school will total about $2,300.

The board said about $7,000 has already been donated toward these changes.