BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – A Bedford woman is behind bars after police say she and her boyfriend were caught stealing from a house on Christmas Eve.

Julia Reffner, 28, has been charged with six felonies and five misdemeanors, including burglary after the victim, found her and her boyfriend hiding in his new home. Her boyfriend, who was eventually identified as Robb Smith, 34, is also facing charges.

The victim told police he recently purchased the home with his girlfriend and was taking boxes to his new home when he noticed a light was on in his bathroom and thought he saw movement. After he entered his home, he noticed his washer and dryer were unhooked and multiple boxes he recently brought to the home had been torn apart.

After making his way to the master bedroom, he found Reffner and Smith hiding. The victim told police Smith was holding an AR-style gun and had a large knife on his hip. He then questioned why the couple was in his home and Reffner said she thought Smith’s brother still owned the home and was not aware anyone was living in there. They also said they were cold, and the victim stated that both of them were wearing hoodies that belonged to him and his girlfriend.

After confronting the couple, the homeowner then walked outside to his garage and noticed the lock was broken off. He also noticed a vehicle, which belonged to Smith, in the garage. He told police inside the vehicle he observed his girlfriend’s purse and some of his baskets.

Smith then told the homeowner “I can’t go back to prison,” and was becoming agitated. The victim said they could talk about the situation, but Smith followed with an “F*** that,”. He then pointed the AR-Style weapon at him. Reffner said “Robby no,” and the two got into the car and fled the scene.

The homeowner told police that multiple parts of the home were damaged, including the screen window leading into the master bedroom and a broken window. His hunting bag, which contained approximately 50 shotgun bullets, was missing. Additionally, boxes of 270 rifle ammunition, binoculars, gloves, beanies, duck calls, and 5-10 bottles of alcohol were also missing.

Reffner is currently being held at Bedford County Prison and was unable to post bail. Reffner was arraigned yesterday, Jan. 18, and will have her preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

Smith has not been arraigned.

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