BEDFORD, Pa. (WTAJ) — Residents are cleaning up at a farm that damaged barns and crops after the Wednesday night storms.

The farm across from Bence’s Farm Equipment, owned by J. Roy Bence, suffered damage to multiple buildings, a metal corn crib and several roofs.

Two doors on Bence’s main barn were torn off their hinges and thrown to the ground. And the side of a separate building was completely torn off.

“Some of the stuff here, it was picked up and twisted around and carried for 100 yards and dropped it,” Bence said. “So it was definitely something outstanding.”

Bence said several sheds and structures were torn off their foundations.

He went home Wednesday night to take shelter from the storm and returned to see the damage after it passed. He then said he returned Thursday morning to find even more damage.

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Bence has owned the farm for over 60 years, and he said he hasn’t seen this extensive amount of damage in a long time.