BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)–Bedford County is pursuing strategies to help the county recover economically from the pandemic and increase tourism.

The county is interested in pursuing a study exploring post-pandemic trends and seeing how they can apply those results to boost tourism within the county.

Bedford Borough Council Member Kenny Fetterman said that this initiative is divided into four parts. Part one explores the assets that the county has that tourist appeal currently. Part two explores how the county can sustain economic growth post-pandemic.

Fetterman said that part three is developing an effective marketing plan based on the results received from parts one and two. His take is that the county needs to rebrand itself to appeal to more tourists. Part four would be applying the strategies and continuing to evolve.

“Once we rebrand ourselves, people come here, and now they’re interested in the history,” Fetterman said. “The point is to get people here and immerse them in the experience of Bedford, and from there, they’re going to take it all in. That’s going to benefit everybody. “

However, the following steps require getting a letter of support from others in Bedford County. By others, Fetterman means major corporations and businesses that could benefit from seeing a higher tourist population.

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Bedford County Development Association is working in conjunction with Fetterman. They’re planning on asking for a $385,000 grant to start and help with the project from the state’s Department of Community and Economic Development.