Bedford County-New Medical Marijuana Plant in the Works

Local News
Folks in the small Bedford County town of Saxton, are waiting for construction workers to turn an old leather automotive plant into a new medical marijuana plant.
To people here in Saxton, this old Seton company sign meant things like yesterday, closure, lost jobs, but now that green leaf medical is fixing up the old plant for their business, people here see the town making a rebound.
“It just brings a sense of hope to a community that has faced tremendous economic adversity over the last 10 years” Alan Smith, Saxton Mayor, said.  
Adversity like 1,100 jobs lost with the closure of Seton.
Superintendent Gary Dawson, says the school district is hoping Green Leaf’s arrival in Saxton will reverse the job-loss trend in Bedford county.
“It’s important for us to be aware of our community that we have and this facility with Green Leaf coming here has been a great opportunity, it’s an improvement to the community, and we’re excited to have them as a new community partner for our school district,” Gary Dawson, Superintendent for Tussey Mountain School District, said.

Alan smith, mayor of Saxton says, right after the announcement Green Leaf was buying the old Seton plant and bringing in new jobs, there was a new energy in the town.

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