Backyard consumer fireworks in short supply this year

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(WTAJ) — You might have heard that fireworks are in short supply this year, and it’s not a surprise, the American Pyrotechnics Association said sales in Pennsylvania almost doubled in 2020, but that’s not the only problem.

Alongside sales surging, there is a backlog of fireworks coming in from overseas, so you might want to buy early this year.

With many public firework shows canceled, the community decided to start putting on their own.

“The way people marked not just the 4th of July, but birthday celebrations, graduations, Labor Day, New Year Eve, you name it people went outside and bought backyard consumer fireworks,” American Pyrotechnics Association Executive Director Julie L. Heckman said.

About 30% of the backyard consumer fireworks have not made it to their distribution areas.

“We placed orders for imports of 8 containers this year, we received 5 containers and 3 didn’t reach us and they will not be reaching us this year,” Kneppy’s Fireworks Owner Joyce Knepp said.

Heckman said shipping the product from overseas was the biggest challenge.

“Many containers of fireworks sitting out in the Pacific Ocean waiting to enter the ports and then were caught up in this supply chain disruption and congestion where there are hundreds of firework containers sitting out at the LA and Longbeach ports and they just can’t get on to the rail system to get to their distribution outlets,” Heckman said.

If you do buy consumer fireworks the Knepp family asks you to respect fireworks safety this 4th of July and they have some tips to follow to help you do that.

“Make sure you have your safety glasses on, your earbuds, some tape, the lighter perferably somthing extendable, lights, bucket of water for those duds, and bricks so you can block up and safety secure your devices,” Kneppy’s Fireworks Co-Owner George Griffith said.

One other safety tip is to not let children handle fireworks, even sparklers, they burn at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

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