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Many students look forward to making new friends during the new school year. And a great way to meet new friends is to show off your interests and your personality. Morgan Koziar was live at Maker Studio in Hollidaysburg with the Owner, Sarah Baumbach with a look at some examples of ways we can customize our school supplies.

DIY Custom Book Covers – Folding pieces of paper or gift wrap around a book. Sarah recommends using gift wrap with guidelines for even folds. If you have a plain paper bag, you can add your own designs using markers, gel pens or washi tape.

DIY Origami Bookmarks – Folding square shaped pieces of paper or gift wrap into a diamond shape that grabs onto the edge of a page. You can organize your school books to mark the page that you left off of, mark your homework page, or create an easy way to find the glossary on a daily basis.

Washi Tape Pencils – Washi tape can be found at almost any store! They come in various colors, designs, and widths. You can easily wrap washi tape around pencils to add your own flare. Washi tape can also be used in planners and to hang posters and paper on your walls as it doesn’t remove paint. The tape can easily be adjusted, so if you don’t get the tape right where you want it at first, you can easily pick it up and reapply. Sarah says you can wrap the tape horizontally or vertically along the pencil to get the look that you desire.

Up-cycled Headphone Cases – You can reuse old mint or gum tins that you may have lying around to store your headphones or earbuds. This is a great way to keep your headphones tangle free and it makes them easier to find. The tins can be decorated with stickers and paper.

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