Avoiding falls on the ice

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It’s not even winter yet, but we’re already dealing with snow, ice, and the possibility of falls. To protect yourself, the first tip would be to make sure you’ve got the right kind of footwear on—like boots or shoes with good treads

Then, start out slowly and carefully. Before you really get going, test potentially slick areas by tapping your foot on them. Take short, shuffling steps in very icy areas, and walk as flat-footed as you can.

Try not to walk with your hands in your pockets or carry things, because that can make it more difficult to catch yourself when you lose your balance. At UPMC Altoona, Dr David Burwell says there are some areas where you have to be extra careful.

“Watch out for the challenging transition areas like when you get out of your car. That’s a time when you’re standing up, and it can be very slick,  and that’s a place where people fall quite a bit,” he advises.

He says  another potential trouble area–when you’re coming in from the outside to  the inside of a building. Dr Burwell says that also can be very slick and it’s one of the places where people tend to fall quite a bit.

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