WTAJ — On June 8, 2022, Pennsylvania hit a record high as average gas prices hit $5.03 per gallon, according to AAA, with some of our central Pa counties above the national average.

Across our central region, gas prices have been skyrocketing, including the Go More Store in Hollsopple which charged $5.25 for a gallon of gas on June 7.

Store owner Jim Moore said he had no choice but to raise prices to help make ends meet because he’s paying just as much for gas.

Nationally, the average gas price is just under $5 a gallon at $4.96, but five of our counties have averages above that.

Below is a breakdown of the average gas prices in our region, according to AAA:

CountyAverage Gas Prices
Average gas prices per county according to AAA

Of the counties in our central region, only Somerset County is currently above both the national and Pennsylvania average, according to AAA. However, Blair, Centre, Elk and Huntingdon are above the national average.

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Throughout 2022, gas prices have been rising steadily with Pennsylanvia consistently hitting new record highs. This time last year, gas prices averaged $3.18 a gallon in Pennsylvania, according to AAA.