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Now that the weather’s warmer, ATV safety instructor Dwayne Cossar is encouraging parents to sign their kids up for ATV safety training courses, not just as a precaution, but because it’s the law.
“The safety training is really important,” said Cossar.
Saturday, he teamed up with the Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association (OHV) to encourage kids to take safety training course. Kids who are 8-15-years-old are required to take a 4-5 hour safety training course before hitting the trails. 
“People are getting hurt and we believe that the school of hard knocks is a hard way to learn,” said Denny Mann, who works for the PA Off-Highway Vehicles Association.
First, they need the right gear: long sleeved-shirts and long pants, boots, gloves, goggles and a helmet. Then, they need to learn how to steer, balance their weight and drive over jumps or obstacles.
“Be safe on the rides. Also to be able to balance, shift their weight, which saves from rollovers, hitting things. Learn how to go over things without any problems,” Cossar said.
Cossar said riding can be fun for the whole family, but you and your children need to know the rules of the road.
“There’s laws out there. They’re being enforced a whole lot more. The fines can be steep and the loss of your 4-wheelers if you don’t get the classes. Riding in your backyard is nice, but it’s a lot more fun riding with friends and other people,” Cossar said.
To learn more about the laws or find out how to register for an ATV safety training class, visit the PA OHV website, the ATV Safety Institute website or the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website.

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