CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Rodney Hendricks of Hendricks Investments in State College faces a lawsuit from Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro for unlawful practices.

Over the last decade, the lawsuit said there’s been a “myriad” of complaints against Hendricks, and the Commonwealth says they believe there may be others impacted who have not filed a formal complaint.

These complaints were first investigated in 2016. At that time, Hendricks agreed to stop the practices in question, and pay restitution to the affected tenants.

The complaints, however, continued, according to the lawsuit.

The suit outlines the alleged complaints as:

  • Retaining tenants’ security deposits, or a portion of security deposits for reasons other than actual damage to the property, including for ordinary wear and tear, inflated repair costs, and fees.
  • Improperly charging residents for maintenance and repair of ordinary wear and tear.
  • Not maintaining properties in adequate and livable conditions.
  • Delivering properties in a different condition than offered or advertised.
  • Using a form lease agreement that contains unfair and deceptive terms, leaving tenants with a “take it or leave it” contract of adhesion.
  • Misinterpreting duties and responsibilities, as well as tenants’ rights, under the Consumer Protection Law and Landlord Tenant Act.

The Commonwealth is asking Hendricks to pay restitution to eligible tenants, $20,000 for investigation fees, and $5,000 in civil penalties.

WTAJ has reached out to Rodney Hendricks for comment and has not heard back at this time.