RAYSTOWN LAKE, Pa (WTAJ) – Following an extensive relocation project, the Artesian Well at Aitch Recreation Area of Raystown Lake is once again available for public use and consumption.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) received results on Friday, July 8 verifying the water is safe for consumption. This water will flow continuously (there is no shut-off valve) and provide safe, potable water to park visitors.

In 2019, the former well location was removed due to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) testing standards. It is now relocated next to a newly established building near the restroom at Aitch. This relocation allows USACE to monitor and treat the water to meet DEP standards before it becomes available to users. The new location is just uphill from the former artesian well location, near the restroom building and the parking lot.

The water spigot is located on the outside of the building and will supply continuous water, as long as acceptable testing levels are maintained.

According to Park Ranger Allen Gwinn, “As long as the water is coming out, visitors can rest assured the water is safe to drink.”

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For more information on the Raystown Lake Project, please visit the Raystown Lake website.