Arraignments scheduled for 8 fraternity brothers

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On Monday the District Attorney’s office said 8 members of Beta Theta Pi will face a judge for their arraignment on Tuesday.

They are facing criminal charges in connection to Timothy Piazza’s death.

Piazza died while pledging to the fraternity in February.

According to reports, he was highly intoxicated, fell down a set of stairs, suffering severe injuries.

On Tuesday 8 members of the fraternity are to surrender by 2:30  p.m. on Tuesday.

They’re facing charges including, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Hazing, and Tampering with Evidence.

Last week 10 other members were in court., making for a total of 18 Beta Theta Pi members involved in the case.

A legal analyst and the attorney representing the Piazza family say that a lawsuit against the University isn’t out of the question.

Rikki Klieman, CBS News Legal Analyst said “Ultimately you have the possibility here of a wrongful death suit on behalf of the family…And the only way that they get “justice” under the law is either in money or in punishment.  So, would they go after the University as well as the fraternity, and the individuals?  I certainly think that they would…Even though the university can say, look…We had a strict policy.  No hazing. No drinking.”

Tom Kline, Attorney for Piazza family, said “It was an open and notorious secret that hazing and out-of-control drinking were rampant at penn state. They knew it, they formed a task force, they did nothing about it. The claim now that they don’t know anything, they didn’t know anything, that it was a model fraternity is preposterous.”

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