CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — In Philipsburg, one local business owner is aiming high by opening an archery shop in the area.

Nathan Sellers, owner of Average Jack Archery is bringing his love of archery to downtown.

“How to set up a bow, how to shoot a bow and make it applicable for anybody from little kids to grown adults and everything in between,” Sellers said.

The Content Creator used YouTube as his primary way to do this before opening the Average Jack Archery storefront in Philipsburg in early July.

“I love the human to human, person to person interactions,” Sellers said. “I really wanted to bring that passion of the wilderness, city and the outdoors back here to Philipsburg.”

The store sells bows, arrows and hunting equipment and also features a 20-yard shooting range. Sellers says Average Jack Archery is the only store in Centre County that fills this need, following the closure of similar shops in the area.

“This is kind of a niche and I’m happy to bring it back. I think it was something that was sorely missed and I’m happy to bring it back for the folks who really, really need it,” Sellers said.

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Average Jack Archery is also offering lessons for anyone looking to learn how to shoot.

“It does not matter what your budget is, your skill level is. It doesn’t matter your age. There is a piece of archery for everybody and no matter what you come with or what you bring to the table, we can get you set up and we can get you enjoying the sport,” Sellers said.