Anti-Hazing Bill Passes in PA House

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A bill created in response to Timothy Piazza’s death takes a big step forward Tuesday night.

The Pennsylvania State House passed an anti-hazing law, sending Bill 1090 to the Senate for another vote.

The Timothy J. Piazza anti-hazing law focuses on using prevention, enforcement and transparency to end hazing.

The bill would give stiffer penalties to those convicted of hazing and requires schools to have policies and reporting practices to stop hazing. Those schools would be required to report the incidents to parents, and student organizations like fraternities and sororities would be given specific rules to follow to eliminate hazing.

The sponsor of the bill, senator Jake Corman says he was inspired by timothy piazza’s parents.

“I think that making hazing a criminal penalty rather than just using the substantial claims of furnishing alcohol to minors and under-aged drinking, I think is a step in the right direction,” Senator Corman said.
He said the Piazzas are hoping this bill will make sure their child’s death to hazing, is the last.

“Hopefully it will give them a little solace that Timothy’s death won’t be in vain, that some good, meaningful reforms of state law will come from it and hopefully, which I know they want , this will never happen to another child in Pennsylvania.”

Senator Corman said he will bring the amended bill to the full senate next week to be considered.

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