Annual book sale promotes reading, supports scholarships for women

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The annual Used Book Sale is underway in Centre County and is a way of promoting reading and supporting women.

“There are over 30 categories of so many books. There’s…a book out there to capture the heart of a young child or an adult,” Volunteer Star Campbell said.  

At the American Association of University Women’s annual used book sale — you can choose from more than 250,000 different books — all, at bargain prices. 

Their entire mission is to support and empower women and girls in the community. 

“So we see our role as like opening the vista; opening the world to these girls, so they can see all the opportunities that they have going forward,” Campbell said.


“I think it’s a very good thing if people read. It’s amazing what we learn in a book,” June Krumrine said.  

Krumrine has been a volunteer at the used book sale for more than 20 years, but she’s been buying books for at least 50. 

“I was a public health nurse supervisor in this county and we had the baby clinics. And they had the book sale, and I always liked something for the children that they would be able to read,” Krumrine said.  

So volunteers, like her, allowed her to get the first pick of the books so she could take them to work — but they would be gone in about six weeks. Krumrine said immigrants would take them home to learn to read. 

“At that particular time, we had a number of the Russians who were coming into the area, and they brought their children — their preschool children to our baby clinic and I think we may have taught some of them English words and how to read.” 

Krumrine said she’s happy to have provided books for them to read. 

“It was good for all of us. I think the children learned and maybe the parents also,” she said.  

The sale goes through Tuesday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. A bag of books will only be $7 at the Snider Ag Arena.

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