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Animal Hospital of DuBois is currently located in a small building, but by spring, they plan to have a bigger space for both vets and pets.

“It used to be a house, so just for the size that the business has gotten to be to, it’s very cramped and we can’t function how we’d like to function,” Veterinary Assistant Kris Haenes said.

Haenes said the animal hospital’s tight quarters makes her job a little more difficult.

“We do our best, I think, but it’s a struggle, so I’ll be happy when we don’t have to struggle so hard,” Haenes said.

That struggle will be over soon, construction is underway for a new, larger hospital.

The hospital will go from two exam rooms to six, plus a bigger lobby, a surgery ward and treatment area.

Dr. Melissa Miller, co-owner and veterinarian, said a new hospital will allow them to add ultrasound services, advanced surgery and dentistry and cold laser.

Eventually, they’d like to use some of the space for animal boarding.

“For us to be able to provide them with more services here so they don’t need to travel out of the area to get some of these things done, Miller said. “Also it will be super convenient, I would say, to have your pet boarded at the veterinary office.”

With new services and a bigger space, co-owner and veterinarian Dr. Andy Brosius said the hospital doesn’t want to lose the small town feel that got them started.

“The key for us is going to be maintaining that small feel, that small town veterinarian feel, in a larger building, in a larger facility, we don’t want to lose that,” Brosius said.

The new animal hospital is expected to be completed in March 2019.

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