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State Representative Frank Burns has invited Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, to visit Cambria County to determine the unique suitability as company headquarters. This is after Amazon was rejected by the state of New York and local officials there.

“Adding 25,000 jobs might not be a big deal in New York City, but I assure you that here in Pennsylvania, local and state officials will work with you in a positive and collaborative manner to create a win-win situation for everyone involved,” Burns wrote in a Feb. 22 letter to Bezos.

Burns, D-Cambria, touted the area’s “work ethic that is second to none” and its surrounding “world-class universities” as reasons Bezos should consider it as a viable substitute location.

“I realize Cambria County may not have had all of the aspects your company was looking for when it sought the perfect location for a new headquarters,” Burns wrote. “However, I believe Cambria County provides you with a unique marketing opportunity that will further cement your legacy.”

Burns told Bezos that as the leader of one of the largest U.S. corporations, he has the power to “revitalize an entire region overnight” and could literally rebuild an area that has struggled to find an identity since the demise of steel mills, coal mines and factories.

Rep. Burns said the reception should be warmer in areas like this, where everyone appreciates the importance of adding good-paying and family-sustaining jobs. 

“I stand ready to work with you and elected officials from both parties to make a deal that benefits your company and the hardworking residents of the region, because it’s about doing the right thing,” Burns wrote. “Let New York’s loss be Pennsylvania’s gain.”

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