ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ)– An Altoona woman noticed multiple people walking by her home not appropriately geared for the cold conditions and decided to make a change.

Becky Butterbaugh decided to pull some winter gear that she had lying around and hanged it outside her house located on the intersection of 2nd Ave and 6th Street in Altoona.

Butterbaugh placed out dozens of hats, scarves, and even children’s winter boots for folks of all ages to grab as they please. She plans to place coats outside later this week.

Butterbaugh said that she does these giveaways often. It makes her feel good when others that need winter things grab what they please. Since the temperatures plan to be freezing soon, she hopes the stand will help folks stay warm and help them this winter.

“There had stuff been laying around, and I see a lot of people going by not wearing hats or anything, and it’s going to get really cold tonight,” Butterbaugh said. “So, I like to see somebody just grab one and keep warm.”

Butterbaugh said she plans to have clothing out for the remainder of the week until it’s gone.

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