Altoona Police arrest drug suppliers after sting, short chase

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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Police reported the arrest of two men during a drug bust that led them on a short chase in the city.

The report shows that police made a traffic stop on August 27, where they found packets of heroin, meth, baggies, scales and other drug-related items. Police state that the passenger in possession of items was willing to give them information about his supplier.

Tasheem Scott- Allen City, New York

The Plan
Police used him as a CI and he attempted to reach out to his supplier for more heroin on August 28. He referred to the supplier as “T”, later identified as Tasheem Scott from New York.

The report states that another APD CI corroborated the story and information about Scott and also agreed to cooperate with the police.

Police said Scott was coming back to Altoona and would pick up a total of $2,900 from the CI and later return with more heroin.

The Sting
Scott agreed to meet one of the men at Martin’s on Chestnut Avenue in Altoona on Sunday, September 1, 2019. On arrival, the CI went into the Cricket Wireless store to meet Scott and soon followed Scott out to his car where he got in the passenger side.

According to the report, the CI left $2,900 with Scott as police witnessed another man approach the car. The CI referred to the man as “Money” later identified as Floyd Wilson from Philadelphia.

Floyd Wilson- Philadelphia

Wilson proceeded to get in the car with Scott and they began to drive off.

Police report that they attempted to pull the car over on Howard Avenue when they started to drive faster, even failing to stop at a stop sign.

Police say they chased Scott and Wilson into an alley on Walnut Ave where Wilson was taken into custody. Scott ran on foot through people’s yards and was soon caught with the $2,900 and a cell phone in his hand, and another phone and more money in his pocket.

Police searched the vehicle to find two more phones and an electronic scale in the trunk.

The report states that one of the CI’s positively identified both men and stated that Scott previously supplied him with five bricks of heroin and two 8-balls of cocaine.

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