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An Altoona native is making head way in the gamer world by producing and helping to design a brand new video game. 

The original idea is now a reality thanks to a Blair County investment group.

Michael DePiro credits the ‘First Frontier Group’ for getting the ball rolling on the game ‘zera and the city of endless night’.

DePiro has been working on the idea of Zera and the City of Endless Night for about two years.

It all started in college.

“I met this friend in class, his name was Raphael, and he came to me and we’re working on our project and out of nowhere he goes I have this idea for a video game.”

The role playing game follows the story of Zera, who’s job is to restore light to a dark world. 

The Blair County investment group the first frontier helped fund the prototype. 

“After some negotiation and some yes’s and no’s we finally got a solid yes and someone who put up the money for the development of this prototype,” explained DePiro. 

Then, they went to London to The Imaginarium Studios working on motion capture. 

“We want to show combat, what it’s going to be like to harvest energy and light, see how it’s going to work control wise and how she’s going to move. 

Once the game is a success , DePiro hopes it brings jobs back to Blair County. 

“There’s going to be more opportunities for designers, graphic designers, artists, programmers when it comes to this area of [gaming and design].”

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