ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Robert Gootz and his fiancé Danielle bought their home last year and got the pool renovated just this June. Now, with it in pristine condition for the summer months, he’s found a new app to help share the fun.

The previous home owners didn’t want to deal with the up-keep of the pool and had been using it as a fire pit. But now, it’s fully renovated with a heated saltwater system installed.

Gootz read a news article about Swimply, a new app that was being used mostly in California that allows people to rent out their pools by the hour like an Airbnb. He did so after realizing there was interest among his friends about using the pool.

“We posted pictures of it renovated and my friend was like oh my god do you sell pool passes,” Gootz said. “I thought they were joking but they were actually serious.”

Gootz says that they don’t get to use the pool a lot during the day and that the app seemed like a great way to share the pool with people. Now you can rent his pool, or Gootzy’s Grotto as it is listed on the app, for seventy-five dollars an hour. If you want to use the sunroom or grills they are also available for a fee.

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Gootz says that they have invested almost all of the money that they have made from their three bookings so far back into the pool to make it a nice experience for everyone. Now he sees a future where people could be renting anything that their residence has to offer.

“I know the company is trying to expand so that not only would you share your pool, but you can share your yard or your tennis court or your basketball court,” Gootz said. “If that takes off I could see people doing all kinds of things through the platform.”