Altoona man talks poker after winning millions

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An Altoona man is back in town after winning millions of dollars in the 2017 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

25 year-old Dan Ott won 4.7 million dollars and placed second in the tournament. 

It’s been about a week since Dan has come home to Altoona since he won millions at the poker table.

He says it was a great experience, one he couldn’t imagine without his twin brother.

“This is your place in the tournament. Just says second place and then whatever. You know I brought that home that’s about it. couldn’t bring home the bracelet,” explained Dan. 

Ott’s life changed at the World Series of Poker July 23rd and right by his side was his twin brother Dillon. 

“I kind of saved it all for this tournament it happened to work out,” said Dan. 

Dillon explained, “We were there a month before playing the little buy in tournaments, with no, we had some cash ins but no really good results like that obviously. I guess like he said saved it all up for this one.”

They’ve been playing poker together since they were 12 years old.

Dan says Dillon almost didn’t compete in the world series.

“He didn’t want to come down originally I kind of forced him to come, well I didn’t force him, I said hey this is a good tournament we should play it.”

The Ott twins made the trip together and played in smaller tournaments before hitting the main event.

“It was pretty cool because it was our first main event, our first 10k buy in and it’s a big tournament so it’s like got a special buzz around it,” said Dillon. 

Dillon was dealt out on day two of the tournament, but stuck around to root for his big brother, who was competing against 7,200 players.

“It’s on an international level. The whole world pretty much competed, people from the whole world I mean, Like from France, England, the United States, everywhere. So it was pretty cool he got second being from little Altoona you know.”

The twins have competed before, but never cashed out at this level until now.

With millions in the bank, Dillon thinks Dan owes him a little.

“I think he should give me some honestly,” explained Dillon, “for staying there I’ll take a cold million or something.”

Dan said, “Not quite a million, we’ll see.”

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