BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — An Altoona man was charged with raping a homeless woman on March 31, according to police.

According to documents, the victim was preparing for bed, at a home on the 300 block of sixth avenue when Dawayne Trexler, 21, pressured her into taking a hit from a meth pipe. She did so hoping Trexler would leave her alone, but instead, he tried to hug her. The woman left the area and went to a chair where she became drowsy shortly after.

The woman also explained she was woken up by Trexler attempting to move her to the bed where he then started making sexual advances as she said no and tried to stop him.

While trying to resist, the woman told police she was in a state of “sleep paralysis” and couldn’t move as Trexler raped her. Trexler grabbed the victim by the neck at one point and pulled her head backward, causing breathing to be difficult. The woman also believed Trexler was trying to force her to swallow something after hearing a pill bottle shake. She explained that she fought back by biting and scratching him.

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When the sexual assault was over, the victim ran to the bathroom, compose herself then left to a friend’s home where she called the police.

When arresting Trexler at the residence, police said he was talking over them, yelling and saying he wasn’t a rapist, molester, or pedophile.

Trexler told police that he did have sex with the victim, twice, but he denied forcing the victim into sex and strangling her. He also told police he was the “good guy” for helping the victim find a place to stay and that “she went crazy, scratching and biting him like a wild dog.”

Trexler also told police “something needs to be done with her. If someone doesn’t do something with her I am going to have my sister take her out.”

Trexler is charged with three felonies and multiple misdemeanors including rape, sexual assault and strangulation.

He is being held at Blair County Prison and is awaiting a preliminary hearing scheduled for April 13 at 9 a.m.