BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — An Altoona man is back behind bars after he allegedly assaulted a woman so badly to the point she told police her hands were possibly broken.

Robert Sprankle, 44, was arrested by Greenfield Township police on Thursday, Aug. 4, after neighbors called police to report they heard a woman screaming that he was beating her and pointed a gun at her, according to court documents. This alleged incident took place at the 1900 block of Everett Road.

When police arrived, they first spoke with Sprankle outside the home. He told police that he and the woman had gotten into an argument, and he believed she left due to supposedly having active warrants through the Blair County Sheriff’s Department, police noted. Sprankle was then placed in the patrol car.

Police then went inside the home to find the woman. All the rooms were cleared except for one room, which was locked. Once police managed to unlock the door, they noticed blankets moving. They called out the woman’s name, and she came out from under the blankets, according to the affidavit.

The woman was shaking, crying and appeared to be afraid, police noted. She told police Sprankle assaulted her and held a gun to her head. She also told police she believed that both of her hands were possibly broken because Sprankle forcefully shut the garage doors on her hands during the argument. Furthermore, the woman alleged that Sprankle hit her.

Police noticed bleeding and cuts on her head. The woman showed them the gun that Sprankle had pointed at her, which was a .22 long rifle, according to police. She also showed them a second rifle that Sprankle had allegedly pointed at her head the day before. The woman was then sent to Nason ED for her injuries.

Once back at the police station, officers contacted the neighbor who called 911. The neighbor told police that they were in the bathroom when they heard screaming coming from outside. The neighbor then went out onto the front porch and heard the woman say, “you pointed a gun at me,” to which Sprankle yelled back, “I would do it again,” police noted. A few moments later, the neighbor also said they heard Sprankle say, “IF I was going to kill you, I would have. If given the chance, I would.”

Sprankle was already on bail for another assault case from April 25. According to charges filed at that time, Sprankle threatened to stab a group of juveniles that were riding on bikes. Yet, on Thursday, he reportedly told police that the woman was a victim in that case, as well.

Sprankle’s criminal history doesn’t stop there, either. A man accused Sprankle of having an affair with his girlfriend in 2021. The two threatened to kill each other and eventually ended up in their own car chase.

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Because of Sprankle’s serious criminal history, he was denied bail and is back behind bars at Blair County Prison. His preliminary hearing is slated for Aug. 18.