Altoona City Council adopts 2022 Capital Improvement Program

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ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ) — The Altoona City Council adopted at Monday’s council meeting the 2022 Capital Improvement Program. This serves for the maintenance and improvement of the city’s capital assets for the next five years.

Throughout the five years, the total amount of money for the program adds up to over 20 million dollars. Vice Mayor of Altoona, David Butterbaugh, says that this program started when the council was making changes with Act 47.

“This is something we implemented either during or right after we exited Act 47,” Vice Mayor Butterbaugh said. “It’s just a way of keeping more of a realistic budget and keeping the finances in a good organized manner.”

The first year amount for the CIP will correspond with the amount within the same year’s capital budget. That means the money for the first year is nearly 3.4 million dollars, which was proposed in the 2022 budget for the city.

A bulk of the 3.4 million dollars is going towards street improvements, including traffic signal updates and street resurfacing. However, the money for the following four years is unknown at this time.

“Some of it may be for bridge maintenance, some of it may be vehicle replacement for police, for fire, for public works, and things of that nature,” Butterbaugh said.

The total amount of projects for 2023-2026 is set for around 16.8 million dollars. That has nearly 15.6 million being borrowed. However, this program excludes any ARPA-funded or potential projects with the recent infrastructure bill passing. Butterbaugh said the department heads and city manager met amongst each other to speak about particular needs.

“It really is a plan so that each department can operate as efficiently as possible and keep things going safely for the people,” Butterbaugh said.

Butterbaugh also says this program is beneficial to the community because it provides better safety and potentially lowers taxes over time.

“The Capital plan benefits the community because I believe over time it lowers taxes,” Butterbaugh said. “Keeps the finances more organized and keeps city government operating more efficiently and it’s better planning for the future.”

This is the first Capital Improvement Program to propose payment of short-term IT hardware strictly with general revenue. The plan is also updated annually.

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