ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — This summer some area kids are trading technology for quality time spent outdoors. It’s all thanks to two Altoona boys who came up with an idea to build something that brings the community together.

Jaden Santone and Cayden Shaw wanted to spend their summer vacation outside so they came up with a business idea and took the matter up with their neighbors.

“We talked about it after school,” Cayden Shaw, who helped build a wiffle ball field in his neighborhood, said. “Like making a wiffle ball field.”

“We love baseball,” Jaden Santone, who also came up with the idea, told us. “So basically we asked the owners if we could make this into our own wiffle ball playground.”

It was a yes.

So the lines got drawn, fence went up and a sign was installed.

“The sign is from the owners that own the field that let us use it,” Santone explained. “They made it.”

It didn’t take long for an empty piece of land to transform into a community wiffle ball field where kids come and play all day long.

“Sometimes from like 11 in the morning until 9 at night,” Don Santone, Jaden’s Grandfather, said. “We kind of have to call them and say it’s time to come home.”

Yes, the two boys built a field, but they are also building memories. The kind of memories you cherish from your childhood.

“I come out here every other day and play ball,” Matthew Iuzzolino, who plays on the field, said.

“I like it because it gives us some physical activity and we can have fun with each other instead of just over the Xbox chat all the time,” Liam Cicero, another player, told us.

While there is of course a competitive spirit, win or lose, every smile, laugh and memory is a home run.

“I just come out to have fun every day and just play around and goof around and stuff,” Shaw said.

The boys said they are always looking for more players and encourage others, no matter where you live, to come out and play.

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